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Date: April 1st, 2016    Filled Under: Video Making Software

Product Summary

Product Creator: Josh Ratta
Product Launch Date: 16-02-2016
Product Category: Video Making Software
Price Range: From $27 To $197


Are you finding difficulty in marketing your product beyond your own country?

And for that your business is not heading upward and you see no growth in the business. The same customers or clients are there with you from the dawn and it’s going to be darkness hurriedly.

If yes, then here comes the savior – VIDGEOS

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But, what is this VIDGEOS Exactly?

VIDGEOS is a pioneering web-based video creation tool which has some coolest features to attract your target customers at the first sight.

Vidgeos GIF

It has smart elements to create the smartest videos which will show the viewers their current local time, date and place while watching the video to grab more attention of the viewer, dozens of Ready to Use slide templates for quick start video creation and so on…

Truly speaking it’s only a simple drag & drop, point & click tool to create your mesmerizing animated video in some minutes!

Why it is the savior for you?

The definition of marketing is changing and changing rapidly. Don’t you think so? Customer’s needs, wants are changing due to the stiff competition in the global market.

So the way you present your product to the massive audience across the world should also be synchronized properly according to their mindset.

Now everything is going digitalized and it’s forcing the entrepreneurs to market their product digitally (especially through the animated videos representing the product) to attract more customers in a very less span of time.

But after that if your business is not successful globally, then one barrier is stopping you from earning foreign money.

Any guesses what it is?

Yes, you are right if you are murmuring the Language barrier.

Do you know that there are more than 7 billion people in the whole world but how much from them are native English language speakers?

Only 335 million people!

So how can we expect some part of our business turnover coming from the rest of the people if we don’t have something that overcomes this barrier?

As I have mentioned above, VIDGEOS has made it possible to achieve that and boasting to be the savior of many in a short period of time.

Didn’t get it properly? See the detailed understanding below.

It simply states that,

If you are an American and you want to spread your business to Russia.

So to market your product digitally in Russia, you have created an animated video to attract the millions of potential customers in one flash.

But the texts are written in that video is in English. So how can a Russian customer find that useful as most of them don’t know the English language?

Here VIDGEOS can help you!

It will translate the video texts automatically into the native language by detecting the geographic location of the viewer.

And this is a completely new & innovative feature in VIDGEOS.

Seems exciting? Want to know other exciting features of it?

Well, I won’t let you longing anymore …

Other Key Features of VIDGEOS

Smart Elements:

Through the smart elements of VIDGEOS, here you have the option to set your videos to display the viewers their current

  • local time
  • date
  • country
  • city

To captivate their attention more and more while watching the video.

Single Click Animations

Worrying how to animate your video precisely? It’s over…

Dozens of drop-down chosen animations of VIDGEOS helps you to animate any of your text, graphic or icon you want to keep in your video to make it an eye-catching one.

Also customize your video with the perfect speed, delay or other options.

So now start making videos with this intelligent tool absolutely the way you want.

Customizable Live Calls to Action

Want to convert the viewers instantly to customers at the time of watching your video?

Then VIDGEOS is the perfect marketing tool for you!

In your video, you can add

  • Buy Buttons
  • Email signup forums
  • Limited-time countdown timers
  • And many more

With the in-stream CTA buttons.

Live Editing and Publishing

Fearing that you have made something wrong in your video after publishing it?

And it could hamper your business or not that attractive?

Well, fear not! The healing medicine is already here.

VIDGEOS will let you edit your videos that to in the real time and can republish it instantly.
What else you want?

Interactive Live Elements

Through this tool you could make your video like a website.

E.g. you can add

  • The attractive hove effect and animations which will force the viewer to click more.
  • Live hyperlink which will take the customer to that particular page you want to.

But How Much It Will Cost

The person behind this intelligent tool knows that nobody will be satisfied with reading about these features only and will definitely hesitate to give their credit card information.

Because who knows it may be a gimmick, right?

So they have given you an Absolutely RISK FREE 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee in your first try.

And you’ll fall for it in the first try for sure!

Pricing Structure

VIDGEOS Monthly Price       VIDGEOS Yearly Price

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How To Make Sure To Receive Our Bonuses !

Affiliate ID

When you reach the checkout page, you will need to see the ID 489195 as the referral ID as marked in Red in the above image. If you do not see the ID that means you are not buying through our referral link and you will not be eligible to get the bonuses.

If this is the case then please close the check out page first and then clear the cookies by pressing ctrl+shift+Del on your browser and then purchase the product by clicking through our link until you see the ID 489195 on the checkout page.

Bonuses Delivery: After your purchase(s) are complete, the bonuses will be given to you inside the JvZoo customer portal (if you don’t see the bonuses, just send me an email at with your payment receipt) and I’ll take care of it for you.

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To Claim Your Bonuses

Exclusive Bonuses

If you purchase VIDGEOS monthly plan worth $27, you will get 2 versions of Marketing Graphics Toolkit (V1 & V2), Infographics IM Edition, Infographics Wealth Creation, Motion Backgrounds 1, 98 Meg Graphics Pack, 800 Vectors Pack (SVG + PNG FIles), 3D Cutie Characters, Ultimate Stock Photos Package Vol. 3, Miscellaneous Stock Photos V316, Abstract Image Collection, Urban Stock Images, Food Stock Images and 20 Hi Resolution Images as bonus. So, what are you thinking? Just grab these bonuses.

Bonus #1
Marketing Graphics Toolkit V1


Bonus #2
Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2


Bonus #3
Infographics IM Edition



Bonus #4
Infographics Wealth Creation


Infographics Wealth Creation

Bonus #5
Motion Backgrounds 1

Motion Backgrounds 1

Bonus #6
98 Meg Graphics Pack


Bonus #7
800 Vectors Pack (SVG + PNG)


Bonus #8
3D Cutie Characters

3D Cutie Characters

Bonus #9
Ultimate Stock Photos Vol.3

Ultimate Stock Photos Vol3 Ecover

Bonus #10
Miscellaneous Stock Photos V316

Miscellaneous Stock Photos V316 ECover

Miscellaneous Stock Photos V316

Bonus #11
Abstract Image Collection

Abstract Image Collections ECover

Abstract Image Collections

Bonus #12
Urban Stock Images

Urban Stock Images ECover

Urban Stock Images

Bonus #13
Food Stock Images

Food Stock Images ECover

Bonus #14
20 Hi Resolution Images

20 Hi Resolution Images

Upgraded Bonuses (OTO)
(For Yearly Plan)

We think you are super excited now to know what you are going to get as upgraded bonusus. We are going to offer Presentation Templates, Infographics, Motion Backgrounds 2, Infographics IM Edition PLUS, Infographics Wealth Creation Expansion, Video Marketing Excellence, Graphics Wiz, Graphic Expert In A Box, Instant Graphics Collection, Music Audio Tracks Pack 2015, Cultural Stock Images, More Miscellaneous Stock Photos, Nature Stock Photos, Ultimate Stock Photos Package Vol. 4, Animal Stock Images, Easter Stock Images, Transportation Stock Images, Food and Drinks Stock Images, House and Buildings Stock Images, Humans Stock Images, Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator, Mountains and Forests Stock Images, Places and Things Stock Images, Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016, Sports and Recreation Stock Images, Things and Stuff Stock Images, Trees and Nature Stock Images and Tools and Machinery Stock Images.

Upgraded Bonus #1
Presentation Templates


Upgraded Bonus #2


Upgraded Bonus #3
Motion Backgrounds 2

Motion Backgrounds 2

Upgraded Bonus #4
Infographics IM Edition PLUS


Infographics IM Edition PLUS

Upgraded Bonus #5
Infographics Wealth Creation Expansion



Upgraded Bonus #6
Video Marketing Excellence

Video Marketing Excellence Upsell Videos ECover

Upgraded Bonus #7
Graphics Wiz

Graphics Wiz

Upgraded Bonus #8
Graphic Expert In A Box

Graphic Expert In A Box ECover

Upgraded Bonus #9
Instant Graphics Collection

Instant Graphics Collection ECover

Upgraded Bonus #10
Music Audio Tracks Pack 2015

Music Audio Track ECover

Upgraded Bonus #11
Cultural Stock Images

Cultural Stock Image ECover

Cultural Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #12
More Miscellaneous Stock Photos

More Miscellaneous Stock Photos ECover 1

More Miscellaneous Stock Photos

Upgraded Bonus #13
Nature Stock Photos

Nature Stock Photo ECover

Nature Stock Photos

Upgraded Bonus #14
Ultimate Stock Photos Package Vol. 4

Ultimate Stock Photos Vol4 ECover 1

Upgraded Bonus #15
Animal Stock Images

Animal Stock Images ECover

Animal Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #16
Easter Stock Images

Easter Stocks Images ECover

Easter Stocks Images

Upgraded Bonus #17
Transportation Stock Images

Transportation Stock Images ECover 1

Transportation Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #18
Food and Drinks Stock Images

Food and Drinks Stock Photos ECover

Food and Drinks Stock Photos

Upgraded Bonus #19
House and Buildings Stock Images

House and Buildings Stock Image ECover

House and Buildings Stock Image

Upgraded Bonus #20
Humans Stock Images

Humans Stock Images ECover

Humans Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #21
Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator

Mobile2StepOptIn Generator ECover

Upgraded Bonus #22
Mountains and Forests Stock Images

Mountains and Forests Stock Images ECover

Mountains and Forests Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #23
Places and Things Stock Images

Places and Things Stock Images ECover

Places and Things Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #24
Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016

Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016 ECover

Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016

Upgraded Bonus #25
Sports and Recreation Stock Images

Sports and Recreation Stock Image ECover

Sports and Recreation Stock Image

Upgraded Bonus #26
Things and Stuff Stock Images

Things and Stuff Stock Images ECover

Things and Stuff Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #27
Trees and Nature Stock Images

Trees and Nature Stock Image ECover

Trees and Nature Stock Image

Upgraded Bonus #28
Tools and Machinery Stock Images

Tools and Machinery Stock Image ECover

Tools and Machinery Stock Image


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