Web Detective Reviews & Bonus

Date: August 8th, 2016    Filled Under: SEO Tools
Web Detective Reviews & Bonus

Product Summary

Web Detective
Product Creator: Joshua Zamora & Steve Haase
Product Launch Date: 02-06-2016
Product Category: SEO Tools
Price Range: From $39 To $47

As an online marketer, are you jealous of your competitors’ traffic? Want to know their winning strategies? Want to know their weakness so that you can capitalize on them?

Want all of this information anyway, right? Be it through the analytic tools or through stealing by any means?

Well, if you’re thinking like this, remember you’re not the only one! Everyone is in the race! And it’s a cut-throat competition. Yes, earning money online as per your expectation is really tough!

Tell me, what you have NOT done? You’ve invested in many analytic tools, you’ve used some monthly paid app subscriptions, You’ve researched well on different SEO techniques, you’re managing several social media accounts & so the list goes on & on.

For every process, you’ve spent a lot of money, time and energy. But, what’s the result? Is your earning figure is synonymous with your expectation? Yeah, I know you’re nodding your head horizontally.

Why I am telling all these things is—I urge you to use Web Detective, a web analytic tool to get over from all these headaches.

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Another analytic tool? Are you out of your mind? –You must be thinking like that only.

But NO, my dear friend! This is not another analytic tool? Probably this is something more, much more than what you think. It’s the blueprint of your success (earning six figures!). Excited?

What is Web Detective tool?

As the name suggests, this tool is a detective, a detective like the Sherlock Holmes! It will help you in ruling the page no 1 of every search engine.

Web detective is a completely new & the most powerful online analytic tool developed by Joshua Zamora, a popular internet marketer and his close buddy Steve Haase who is an I.T professional with over 20 years of experience.

This intelligent software provides you all the information which you’re craving for with much ease. Information such as all the profitable keywords of your competitors, their successful strategy etc. that you can also apply in your strategy and also their mistakes so that you can exploit them, and many more!

Don’t you think these sensitive information can make you rich? Yeah, I can see that wide smile!

Important Features

Visitor Analytics

  • Through this feature you’ll be able to know about your profitable visitors, average staying time, profitable and weak webpages, location of visitors, traffic sources, tips to reduce bounce rate, analyze traffic, analyze social media efforts and other important things. This will help you to optimize your webpages at its best.

Rank & Index Analysis

  • Quickly get all the ranking insights of your website like Alexa rank, Alexa data, SimilarWeb data, Moz Rank info and compare with your competitors and see where you are and know where you’re lacking.

Domain Analysis

  • Get all the information about any domain through Whois search information, DMOZ check and expired domain list instantly.

IP Analysis

  • Easily know about your internet protocol details, any domain’s hosting IP info, sites in the same IP.

Link Analysis

  • Trump your competitors by analyzing all the backlink details—the no. of link your site points out to, the no. of other sites linking back to you, do-follow, & no-follow links. Also check your competitors page status.

Keyword Analysis

  • Set your “on-page” SEO game plan perfectly by using this smart feature. Analyze your keywords, check the position of your and competitor’s website for a certain keyword. Also do keyword position tracking daily and get keyword auto suggestion.

Malware Scan

  • Using this feature, you’ll be able to know whether your sites are affected with malware or not? Just put the domain name you want to check and this detective software will show you the safety status provided by multiple online malware scanning tools.

Google Adword Scrapper

  • Have insight over your competitor’s paid keywords and their total Google Adword spending.

How Much This Amazing Software Will Cost You Anyway?

Well, coming to the price of this product, definitely you won’t have to break the bank.
Because for all these things you have to pay only

  • $39 if you’re taking the Basic Plan.
  • $47 if you’re taking the Advanced Plan. (Having the most value badge)
  • $42 if you’re taking the Pro Plan.

Choose the package according to your need!

Web Detective Pricing

What else? Fearing your money will be wasted if this software not works? Well, it’s quite natural for any human being. And creators of this incredible software understand this. That’s why they are giving 30-days no question asked money back guarantee.

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How To Make Sure To Receive Our Bonuses !

Affiliate ID

When you reach the checkout page, you will need to see the ID 489195 as the referral ID as marked in Red in the above image. If you do not see the ID that means you are not buying through our referral link and you will not be eligible to get the bonuses.

If this is the case then please close the check out page first and then clear the cookies by pressing ctrl+shift+Del on your browser and then purchase the product by clicking through our link until you see the ID 489195 on the checkout page.

Bonuses Delivery: After your purchase(s) are complete, the bonuses will be given to you inside the JvZoo customer portal (if you don’t see the bonuses, just send me an email at diptimayee@blogoof.com with your payment receipt) and I’ll take care of it for you.

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To Claim Your Bonuses

Exclusive Bonuses

If you purchase Web Detective, you will get 2 versions of Marketing Graphics Toolkit (V1 & V2), Infographics IM Edition, Infographics Wealth Creation, Motion Backgrounds 1, Motion Backgrounds 2, 98 Meg Graphics Pack, 800 Vectors Pack (SVG + PNG FIles), 3D Cutie Characters and Ultimate Stock Photos Package Vol. 3 as exclusive bonuses. So, what are you thinking? Just grab these bonuses.

Bonus #1
Marketing Graphics Toolkit V1


Bonus #2
Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2


Bonus #3
Infographics IM Edition



Bonus #4
Infographics Wealth Creation


Infographics Wealth Creation

Bonus #5
Motion Backgrounds 1

Motion Backgrounds 1

Bonus #6
Motion Backgrounds 2

Motion Backgrounds 2

Bonus #7
98 Meg Graphics Pack


Bonus #8
800 Vectors Pack (SVG + PNG)


Bonus #9
3D Cutie Characters

3D Cutie Characters

Bonus #10
Ultimate Stock Photos Vol.3

Ultimate Stock Photos Vol3 Ecover

Upgraded Bonuses (OTO)

We think you are super excited now to know what you are going to get as upgraded bonusus. We are going to offer Presentation Templates, Infographics, Slide In Countdown PRO, Infographics IM Edition PLUS, Infographics Wealth Creation Expansion, Video Marketing Excellence, Graphics Wiz, Graphic Expert In A Box, Instant Graphics Collection, Music Audio Tracks Pack 2015, More Miscellaneous Stock Photos, Nature Stock Photos, Transportation Stock Images, House and Buildings Stock Images, Humans Stock Images, Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator, Mountains and Forests Stock Images, Places and Things Stock Images, Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016, Things and Stuff Stock Images and Tools and Machinery Stock Images.

Upgraded Bonus #1
Presentation Templates


Upgraded Bonus #2


Upgraded Bonus #3
Slide In Countdown PRO

Slide In Countdown PRO

Upgraded Bonus #4
Infographics IM Edition PLUS


Infographics IM Edition PLUS

Upgraded Bonus #5
Infographics Wealth Creation Expansion



Upgraded Bonus #6
Video Marketing Excellence

Video Marketing Excellence Upsell Videos ECover

Upgraded Bonus #7
Graphics Wiz

Graphics Wiz

Upgraded Bonus #8
Graphic Expert In A Box

Graphic Expert In A Box ECover

Upgraded Bonus #9
Instant Graphics Collection

Instant Graphics Collection ECover

Upgraded Bonus #10
Music Audio Tracks Pack 2015

Music Audio Track ECover

Upgraded Bonus #11
More Miscellaneous Stock Photos

More Miscellaneous Stock Photos ECover 1

More Miscellaneous Stock Photos

Upgraded Bonus #12
Nature Stock Photos

Nature Stock Photo ECover

Nature Stock Photos

Upgraded Bonus #13
Transportation Stock Images

Transportation Stock Images ECover 1

Transportation Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #14
House and Buildings Stock Images

House and Buildings Stock Image ECover

House and Buildings Stock Image

Upgraded Bonus #15
Humans Stock Images

Humans Stock Images ECover

Humans Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #16
Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator

Mobile2StepOptIn Generator ECover

Upgraded Bonus #17
Mountains and Forests Stock Images

Mountains and Forests Stock Images ECover

Mountains and Forests Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #18
Places and Things Stock Images

Places and Things Stock Images ECover

Places and Things Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #19
Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016

Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016 ECover

Miscellaneous Stock Photos 2016

Upgraded Bonus #20
Things and Stuff Stock Images

Things and Stuff Stock Images ECover

Things and Stuff Stock Images

Upgraded Bonus #21
Tools and Machinery Stock Images

Tools and Machinery Stock Image ECover

Tools and Machinery Stock Image


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